Aura and Ikigai

I’ll start today’s write up by defining these terms as they are not so common, and I got them from watching anime.

Aura is an emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual. Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means reason for being.

Now we know what they both mean, let’s talk about them a bit.

People actually have energy around them, if you possess the ability to read people, you can tell what their aura is on the first meeting. You can feel the energy they carry all around them, whether it’s good energy or bad energy.

Social media has already given another meaning to the word ‘Energy’.

The saying is ‘Actions speaks louder than words’, which we can directly translate to ‘Energy speaks louder than words’.

As much we watch out for bad energy, it’s also extremely important to know the kind of energy we give off. It would actually be bad to be the carrier of the very energy you are avoiding. Well, I believe we know when we want a specific type of energy around us.

The first time I saw the word Ikigai was on someone’s story, a chart type of image.


I thought about it a lot and still do, four related elements that define our lives.

⁃ what you can be paid for

⁃ What you love

⁃ What you are good at

⁃ What the world needs

Figure these 4 things out and you are well on your way to find your reason to live. I hope we find our Ikigai before we leave this world.

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