They met in a funny place those two. Z and P are your everyday couple, except that crazy shii sometimes come out of the blue. We have a guy that’s enthusiastic and very active with a girl that was reserved and calm. Opposite sides but one of the finest blends.

As usual, life hit. Like what were they thinking would happen? What were they expecting? Youthful energy had dwindled and it was time to wake up. It was time to pay the dues life required from each soul. Unfortunately the bonds of their joy wasn’t as solid as they had thought. She left, and He slipped into the dark.

Alas! we have gotten a hang of this muthafucker called life. We have each searched for their own soul. That same debt collecting, impulsive muthafucker called life purposed for them to cross paths again. Of course it happened, it’s life. But now there’s a slowly diminishing window between them. The difference between His darkness and Her light.

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