Slavery and death

Did you ever read the story of the Igbo landing? It is the story of 75 slaves, (Igbo people to be precise) from Nigeria 1803. They started a rebellion and killed their captors and slave masters, they were eventually cornered at shore, and then they did the unexpected. They held hands, started singing and marched into the water, conducting a mass suicide that went down in history. They chose death over slavery.

As I downed a bottle, I thought about today’s topic for a while, didn’t know if should use this story as an illustration. Well, here we are. The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that they made the right decision to drown that day. Would you rather die than be a slave?

One more sip, and it became clear to me that although slavery isn’t as rampant anymore as it was back in the day, there’s still a lot of slaves out there. Slaves to different things and people.

Slaves to money, slave to pride, slave to the superficial, and a lot more things out there.

Yes, I’m talking about addictions. Of course there are good addictions and there are bad ones, eventually we are all slaves to something. Hell I’m a slave to my phone, except I need to rebel from time to time.

These times, there are good masters and bad masters. Better to not be a slave than die at the hands of a terrible master.

For instance, drugs abuse and addiction has taken more lives than we probably expect. Over 67,000 lives were lost to drugs addiction in 2018 in the US alone. See? Bad master.

Shakespeare did say – To thyself be true. We know our good masters and our bad masters. Only logical to eliminate the bad before it eliminates you.

Better to kill it off before you lose your life because of it…savvy?

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