Fortress and Internet

It’s funny how tables turn and the craziest things happens out of the blue. One way or the other, I figured you have to face your fears eventually.

Since the self isolation/lockdown began, I’ve had to face one of my fears – going home.

For personal reasons, going home is one of my fears. The people, the thought of it alone affects me a lot.

I had spent way more than I usually did on data in too short a period, before I realized – to face home squarely, the internet had to become my fortress. I really couldn’t do much but sleep and eat if I wasn’t on my phone or my PC.

The internet has always been there of course, I’d always used it, but I had no clue it would become my go to place for basic survival. I’ve never had to stay indoors for this long.

Although they say too much of the internet is not healthy, but that unhealthy internet has now become the center of my world. Something about the cornerstone now the chief of the builders or stuff like that, only that the internet for me has always been like the assistant chief of the builders.

I had sports, workout, parties, and a lot of socializing to do in school (which was my real escape), so I could do away with the internet for a while. The story is quite different when all you have to do is eat and sleep.

It’s hard to believe but, in such a short while, the internet has truly become my fortress, my hiding place, my zen.

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