Freedom and immortality

Like a few the previous topics so for, these two are two sides of a coin. That is if we translate death to freedom. Which it is, from a different perspective entirely.

Someone posted a question online a while ago – would you choose death or immortality? At first it was very easy to decide, I mean, who doesn’t wanna live forever. It was immortality for me. That day, that question turned into a soft argument, nothing serious but I vividly remember someone say ‘the older you grow, the more immortality seems off’. No way I understood that reference.

Fast forward a few years, I’d gone through some phases of hell on this earth. Immortality wasn’t sounding like something I was interested in any longer, existing on this planet alone in itself poses a great level of stress on our minds. At that point, even material things won’t suffice to keep us at peace.

I think I’d rather enjoy the short time I have to live on this planet, (friends, family and acquaintances) than wish to be alive forever.

‘Every morsel of your entire being alive to the infinite mysteries of it all’ for some reason that statement doesn’t sound so fun anymore, because there’s chaos and turmoil in this world. Now imagine being alive during past plagues, and then still witness the Rona, and then 3 other world wars.

It’s freedom for me, not the curse of immortality. I’ve seen way too many movies to believe immortality is a gift, maybe for first century or two, but after that your mind starts getting burdened. The human mind can only take so much. So you will make friends, watch them grow and die and then be friends with their kids and then they die too, then you move to their kids’ kids. Sounds like hell on earth.

‘Better to not know which moment may be your last’.

I have no say in it, it’s freedom over immortality for me… savvy?

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