King of the rebels

I was not always like that, I unknowingly grew into it. I had led a lifestyle that was worthy of emulation at my young age. Only if it was all positive, I had already been manifesting traits of rebellion as a child.

My childhood was very strict and confined, I was mostly indoors, that treatment had already started a chain reaction in my head that will lead to a series of events that even I couldn’t foresee.

I should have known right from the start, a part of me had always wanted out of the house. But there was little or nothing could do at that very moment so I started waiting because I knew my time would come.

I started making friends at that young age, carelessly picking friends but it didn’t matter then because we were all still ‘amoeba’ and could be moulded into whatever is deemed fit by the forces that surrounded us.

Time passed, and there was a quick turn of events in our lives. It never for once changed the fact that I had come to give myself a title even I had no idea of – King of the rebels.

When the turning point came, I led the rebellion that brought an era to an end.

Nothing ever remained the same till this day.

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