Journey home

Conventionally, I would write about these two keywords severally; but they are seriously intertwined, it would be much more pleasurable and meaningful to do a mashup of these two.

There’s a popular song line that goes – remember the road that would lead you home. Personally, I believe every journey we embark on, regardless of the path and difficulties, it should lead home. Home is that place of rest and peace. Your zen.

We often hear that a house is not always a home. Following that school of thought, it would be safe to assume that a home doesn’t have to be a particular place but instead a state of mind, a feeling when you’re with a group of people virtually anywhere in the world. Your whole being is at peace because you’re sure no matter what happens, as long as you have those people with you, you’re home.

This brings us to my perspective as to why those two sides of a coin are linked. A journey should always end up home, but if the home is a state of mind, then you have your home along with you on your journey home. That imaginary final destination we always aim for but is always a step away. Maybe that is what the human race is after all, A race. There’s definitely no finish line, only a feeling of fulfillment and completion of your journey home.

A journey is pointless if it doesn’t lead you home. Of course, different journeys lead to different destinations, the final journey will lead you home. Remember the road, the journey that will lead you home.

Only a few people ever die having this feeling of completing their journey. Too much people focus on the wrong things along the journey wasting their time, tending to forget they have only a limited amount of it.

We can only try to embark on a journey that truly leads us home.

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