Fire and power

When I saw the keywords for today, fire and power, only one thing came to mind: firepower. As in literal firepower, ammo and magazines. That probably won’t be too relatable so I’ll try to sever them this time and hopefully still make some sense.

Fire first. I’ve learned over time that fire is a very dangerous mistress, it is what you make of it, and that is either a messenger of good energy, or the sword that brings chaos and destruction. Basically, the power is dependent on how you use your fire.

Fire at its finest is used to refine and carve some of the most beautiful substances on the planet, melting gold for example requires a serious amount of firepower and look how shiny and valuable it is when it comes out of hell. Fire at its worst is used as a weapon of mass destruction and total annihilation, the wild fires that struck Australia consumed over a billion animals and I’ve never been so sad.

Real life now, I believe everyone has fire inside of them, not literal fire now, but something much more powerful. To some it’s a still flame that burns gently, to others it is a raging furnace. The way we use our inner fire is simply the fundamental display of our power.

Individuals are different, hence the variations in our natural reactions when the fire is tampered with. But that still calm flame conquers all in most peaceful way possible as opposed to the raging furnace, less damage is done. When the raging fire is needed also, and damage needs to be done and it is meted out effectively, that tells a lot about how we use the power that has been bestowed on us.

The power of destruction or the power to create, it’s all defined by how we use our fire.

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