Descendant of the many faced god

The many faced god or otherwise known, the god of death. He has been a part of my lineage for too long now, there’s almost a sigil placed on every new born that signifies a connection to this many faced god. A mark that says, you’re not destined for greatness. The curse of untimely death.

I come from a long line of the dead. Dead lives, meaningless existence passed on from generation to generation. Walking on the earth without leaving a trace of living.

Without any shadow of doubt, I admit I am a descendant of the many faced god. I’ve lived the life, survived some very almost certain deaths.

I woke up! Oh this will change. I probably would be dead too if I didn’t have prayers over me. This curse is set to be broken layer by layer. I lived, now it’s time to LIVE!

But rest assured the reign of the many faced god ended with my father before me. No more, because I will live, and my sons after me.

It’s time to change the status quo, time to start a new lineage of my own. Time to break the curse and LIVE.

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