Give people a mask, and they’ll do or say anything;

The main use of masks is to be anonymous.

There’s two ways to look at this: first is the concept of an idea, second is the concept of cowardice.

The idea

A mask can used to represent an idea, a movement and a personality. We’ve seen different ideas of those: Zorro, V for Vendetta, and the most recent one ‘la casa de papel’.

These masks can be worn by anybody and the message is passed across time, stories will be told of these masks and not necessarily the person behind them because…well, who knows?

The coward

This part is a bit tricky, because someone can now send a message to you anonymously and say harsh things they wouldn’t dare say to you if they were in front of you and you knew who they were.

There have been several websites that endorse this, with saraha being the prime of it all before it quickly went under. There’s a new one in vogue now (kaboom), I even registered an account on it lol, but as usual people have found a mask and you’d be surprised as to how many people would say a ton of seemingly hurtful stuff to you.

My first year in college, this app literally tore my school apart, people can be mean damn it.

Of course not everyone would participate in things like this, it doesn’t mean they’re overly mature or what not, it just means they don’t really fancy it or maybe once bitten twice shy.

Regardless, I think I’d prefer you say stuff directly to my face instead of hiding behind a mask.

What’d you think about masks?

11 thoughts on “Masks

  1. “Regardless, I think I’d prefer you say stuff directly to my face instead of hiding behind a mask.”

    I hate plastic people who don’t have the balls to say things to your face. Honesty is STILL the best policy. 🙂

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