I asked some people what they thought about love and here are some responses: ‘love hurt me, I hate love’, ‘half of the persons in the world don’t understand the real concept of love’, ‘it’s a fancy word for handing over your ‘mumu’ button’ and finally ‘love is basically joy and happiness’.

Love has got to be the essence of life;

Starting from Gods love, to family love, to friends love, to lovers love and love for humanity at large;

This term here is responsible for more than 90% of our actions as humans;

It’s what stays when all else leaves;

Someone said: ‘if you’re in love, it can never be hidden’.

I’m talking real love, not the fake that is really common these days;

Love is sacrifice;

Love is respect;

Love is loyalty.

it has its down sides of course;

The pain that comes with it usually feels more than happiness;

The scars it leaves sometimes never goes away;

The hunger for it is mostly painful, actual pain;

So yeah sometimes, love sucks.

I still however believe almost everything we do in life is because of love;

Wanting to badly succeed in life for me is because of the love my mum and I share;

If properly traced, everything everyone does is for love;

So I don’t think I’m going too far when I say: Love is life.

I implore you my dear,

Love genuinely.

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