Freedom – The price

‘It is the status quo’, it will never change;

I was born into this reality;

There I basked like the king I am – like my fathers before me;

Little did I know – I was bound by ignorance.

Years passed, still I sat and ruled my ‘kingdom’;

Till a stranger found ways to my paradise;

I welcomed him with an open heart – but he refused my kind gestures;

Little did I know – The walls that guarded my generational legacy was about to crumble.

I beckoned unto him – who refuses a good gesture?;

This isn’t right, he said;

‘There is a whole world waiting for you and here you are bound by ignorance’ – I’d never heard stranger words;

He spoke like a fellow king, he was so sure.

Days passed – we talked for hours each day;

It was time for him to go – not before he made me desire a world I’d never known;

He left – little did I know desperate desires call for desperate measures.

Gradually, my kingdom was starting to shrink – I’d heard of a much bigger world;

I remember the stranger’s words – This calls for sacrifice;

I knew it at that moment : my desires would outweigh my fears;

I made the sacrifice for freedom – the pain I encountered was nothing compared to the joy of entering a new world.

I met my stranger again, his name was curiosity – the world was called knowledge;

Knowledge was beautiful and worth it – I’d been living like a king in my ignorance;

That sacrifice was nothing.

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