Everywhere I go, I basically have my earphones, long as my phone is there;

My ears are constantly filled by my earphones;

I’m barely seen anywhere without it;

That’s because: Music is life.

A vital part of my life.

Music actually has the ability to shape your lifestyle;

The kind of music you listen to has serious effects on you;

Basically, you’re what you listen to;

You are what you feed your mind.

Best part of music is that it’s one of the very rare universal languages in the world;

There’s football and there’s music, those are the best universal languages ever;

Uniting people all over the world;

Take for example: Michael Jackson’s we are the world, it went all round the world.

Music connects people everywhere.

Music is life. I can’t stress this enough.

I implore you my dear,

Feed your mind with the positive.

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