Every time I wake up, it’s with a grateful heart;

I can’t not be grateful.

As humans, we find it much easier to look at the negative side of things;

To get caught up in the negative;

To slip into overthinking;

Eventually we drown in it and our minds become ignorant of the positive;

It’s not exactly our fault, we’re only humans.

Having a grateful heart is a conscious action;

Until it becomes unconscious;

Being able to read this alone, means you have the device and access to the web;

It’s probably gonna seem insignificant till you realize how many millions of people can’t eat, not to talk of having a smartphone.

We tend to lose sight of things we should always be grateful for;

One can make sacrifices for you and you wouldn’t notice any until they stop making those sacrifices;

I read somewhere that everyone has their own issues they’re dealing with, so you gotta be extra grateful when someone comes through for you.

Having a grateful heart costs literally nothing;

Sweetest part is you stand to gain everything.

I implore you my dear,

Develop a grateful heart.

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