“You have to let go of your Batman action figure. You can either choose the action figure or you choose your math textbook.”

Sounds like an African mother right?;

Well that was my mother asking to choose between the Dark Knight and my education;

She did know it then but she was teaching me about sacrifice;

You should already guess my choice that day;

I learned a lot about sacrifice that day;

Growing up, I sacrificed things to get other things depending on my priority list;

Till I realized it all boiled down to love;

Or not;

Priorities I guess takes precedence;

Sacrifice sometimes isn’t all about you;

Sometimes you gotta sacrifice something you love for the greater good;

Might even hurt you but you still gotta do it;

That’s sacrifice. It goes from sacrificing playing FIFA for some serious work to stopping taking alcohol because someone you love doesn’t like it;

In my opinion, sacrifice is messed up, but still one of those necessary evils that reminds us of how human we have to be.

I implore you my dear,

Make that sacrifice.

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