‘If you are not inside, then you are outside’;

‘Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can’t see’;

‘The best things in life are actually really expensive’;

There’s a billion and one quotes all over the internet, people makeup quotes all over the internet.

Others follow quotes they randomly find and live by it;

Then there’s the special group of people that have different quotes for every situation they find themselves in.

Quotes are basically other people’s opinions, so if it does not make any sense to you (on a relatable level), then it doesn’t. It’s that simple.

I know a lot of quotes and be rest assured some of them are just funny;

I particularly like one by a friend;

In this life, have money or else mosquito will bite you – El Bajo, 2019

For my favorite quote however, it’s an extract from a peom;

‘IF’ by Rudyard Kipling, it goes:

If you could keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, if you could trust yourself when all men doubt you

Self explanatory I guess. Do ponder over it a bit.

I implore you my dear,

Trust yourself.