When we were young, our idea of the future was already somewhat ‘cliche’;

It sounded something like: when I finish school, I’ll buy a house and cars and get married and live happily ever after.

Remember the time we wanted to be astronauts?;

Life’s like – LoL.

We started growing and gradually realized we wanted more out of life;

We didn’t exactly scrapped the initial picture of the ‘future’, it’s more like a different pictorial representation.


It wasn’t until we started watching sci-fi time travel movies we came to understand that the word future is just the next second; the next minute; the next hour;

It’s also the time we pictured when we were young, just a bit farther.

I read something one day, it said ‘A lot of people fear that if they go into the future and change the slightest things, it could alter the course of the future forever. But people don’t actually realize that doing changing something right now is what’s gonna shape supposed future’;

That hit me too deep and it echos at the back of my mind every now and then.

Only a few people can already exactly tell what their future looks like, there’s nothing wrong with that;

Most people however, we just have to take meaningful actions, one day at a time;

Baby steps that shape who we’re gonna be in the nearest future.

I implore you my dear,

Shape your future.