Gender Roles

First, this is a very sensitive topic, so I’d be sharing my views about it while trying to avoid setting off World War III.

I saw a movie titled ‘on the basis of sex’, it was about laws that discriminated majorly against women and minoring against men, laws that explicitly state that if you’re a woman you can’t do this or that.

Since the ‘stone age’, men and women have always different distinct roles. Roles that were set by well….who knows.

Now it’s ‘our time’, and that concept still dominates a good part of our society, a good part yes.

For example, men are still the domineering gender when it comes to being pilots, astronauts, miners. Women still dominate being nurses, nannies, and secretaries. This is not to say the other gender isn’t involved, but it’s not as common.

Now, let’s bring it down to us. There are certain things expected of boys just because they are boys, same goes for girls also.

For example, guys are expected to ask girls out on dates, this has been the norm since time began. Times are changing these days, thanks to Twitter. Girls are expected to be good at cooking, thanks to inherited gender roles mentality we have, any girl that couldn’t cook good food is seen as weird. There’s a whole lot of things people around the world do based on prehistoric gender roles.

On and on and on, this continues. But I for one think it’s an outdated way of thinking.

Nobody should be compelled to do anything because they’re either male or female. I think you should just do whatever you want to do and not be restricted by society because ‘it’s a girls thing’ or ‘are you a guy?’.

Times have changed.

Tables have turned.

I implore you my dear,

Forget gender stereotypes.

21 thoughts on “Gender Roles

  1. Hi, I’m Folu and I am a Boy. I would like to say that gender roles as you highlighted in this article is a prehistoric concept and thus could very well be evolutionary. Biologically, men develop parts women don’t. Parts that are associated closely to their sexes. They are called secondary sexual features take for example Beards, Broad shoulders and a bigger frame. These parts are also CLOSELY associated to dominance in the society. Man is not the only organism that leaves as a society. Other societal organisms in nature don’t have equality in sexes. My argument is that strickly from a biological popping of view, equality in sexes is a ridiculous concept and shouldn’t be promoted. Stick to your roles!


    1. That’s the main problem man…
      We don’t know who set these roles…besides the society and timeline of that time doesn’t really align with this century…

      I made an example though, men have always been pilots, no female ever dared to try it until one came up…nobody set females to ‘naturally’ be nurses but the moment you hear the term nurse a female comes to mind, meanwhile there are male nurses these days….

      ‘Stick to your roles’ I think is way too outdated, I mean all these traditions is just peer pressure from dead people


      1. My point is not that our ancestors decided this roles for us, my point is that these roles were decided for our ancestors! Besides, there’s a lot of importance to information transferred from generations to generations anyways so why should we customize these roles based on this generations desires.


      2. Customize what exactly?
        There nowhere it is laid out in stone that this is what each gender should do or
        Not do
        Anyone can do whatever they want if they think they’re up for it


    2. And what exactly are our roles if i may ask pls? We are not only speaking from a Biological POV, cos Biological speaking, different sexes have deir different roles and i believe dat shud be d only roles we shud be told to stick to


  2. Hmmmmm…… I still feel like there are some things that should be separated tho. I dunno if this makes sense buh I feel guys should be the protectors and girls should be able to feel secure with guys. I feel like stereotype or not it’ll be weird if the tables are turned around in this case


    1. Of course…the whole point of gender equality is the fact that there are no restrictions on any gender.
      I mean, If a lady decides she wants to be the protector and she believes she has what it takes, then no one should tell her she can’t just because she’s female…

      You get?

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    2. This is an interesting point and it actually something I have had to deal with, since my wife is a martial arts expert and self defence instructor. Even though physically I am clearly larger and stronger than her, she is much better at fighting, because of her techniques and experience. So in a sense that turned the tables on the gender roles in our relationship – and yes that felt weird, especially in the beginning. But it also made me think about and question gender roles and also start a blog on the topic.

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  3. This is a difficult topic as you’ve said.
    I’ve got in endless argument severally because of this role distribution. But first thing first, I’ve got to make one thing clear;
    *Grabs the Megaphone and jump on the podium*
    *Drops mic and walks out*
    Fine, biological, boys count for some big deal, they have longer limbs, bigger brain, broader shoulder, they have big head too. While the girls got some juicy milky stuff in their chest, limbs but not as long or as strong as the boys, brain housed by a skull not as big as the boys, richer scalp and better IQ.
    My point is, all these body parts and attributes have little and almost nothing to do with dominance. Dominance came to place as a result of socio-economic factors which includes culture, social, power, traditions, and economic factors. All of these together influenced our psychology as human.
    Men are the one who works and bring food to the table because that’s what the structure in place supports.
    Women are the human that takes care of the house and breed the children because over time, that’s how it has been. The simple fact is “Norms is what we pronounce it to be”
    The norm in Saudi Arabia is women don’t even shake hands and norm in England support kissing as a form of greeting irrespective of whatever gender. Ordinarily shaking hands even with no sexual intention is a crime to them while kissing is no big deal to the English. Guess what’s going on here – the difference in cultural background.
    Take for instance, if somebody in the authority, maybe the Pope or a President announce today, that henceforth, it is now a “punishable” crime to laugh in public. Give it ten years, laughing in public will become a myth, it will extinct. It will become a norm and nobody will remember it used to be a thing..(punishable here implies the use of power and imposing law on people)
    This is how, in my opinion and exposure, gender roles came to place.

    Gender roles were imposed on us, it was a laid down strategy to guide the way of life. But we all know strategies come with expiry dates. Strategy goes out of vogue and requires improvement and readjustment in accordance with time and evolution.
    If you have been paying attention, you’d have noticed that no newborn child whether male or female, come to this world with a manual attached to the placenta.
    If girls were brought up the same way boys are, girls will be just like boys.
    You see things are changing, it is hard but change is inevitable.
    There was a time, those days of waptrick, sefanRu and RedWap (Dear God, Dear God those days were sweet) when 100MB was the best that can happen to anybody. Now, 2GB is not even enough to take a stroll on IG.

    That’s the power of change. This is not a matter of tables will turn, no, tables have turned. We have women pilots, the same way we have outstanding male nurses.
    The idea of sticking to your role is so 1845, there’s no role anywhere. You be what you want to be.
    You cannot compare us to other animals, we are higher animals for a reason. We have free will, we are not routinely bound like most animals.

    I think I’ve made my point clear before a comment starts looking longer than the actual post. Lol


  4. We need to just stop focusing on gender and focus on doing. Do what YOU want – break the societal chains. Not everyone identifies as ‘male’ or ‘female’ – it’s a much bigger story. But the main thing is do what YOU want and be who you WANT. Peace xx


  5. This post is a very bold adventure that has earned my respect for you. I’m scared to comment, but I will pray the wisdom to try.

    There should be no contest between genders, it was never designed that way. I feel gender roles were intended to be complementary, however if I am pressed to take a stand, I feel gender relevance is more a ‘user friendly’ term than gender equality. There are certain tasks and traits that come easily and naturally to both genders and no one can change that.

    At this juncture, to avoid setting off a world war like you rightly pointed out, I will take my bow and leave the stage .

    Great work bro.

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