Family has been redefined;

Before our time, family had another meaning;

Long as you’re a child of one of my parents’ siblings, you’re family, long as you carry the family name or have a hint of the family heirloom, it even went as far as you just having the family name and you’d easily find a way to map people back to the family tree;

But all that is now ‘stone age’.

It’s our time now, and I think the word family of then should now be referred to as ‘distant relative’;

These days, people in the ‘family’ choose who they ‘fuck’ with;

Aunts choose a sibling over the other, brothers don’t talk anymore and they pass the strife down to their kids;

Hence, the advent of terms like ‘soul sisters‘.

We get to choose our family in this era;

We actually get to say to ourselves: you’re now more than a friend, you’re now my family;

Such beauty, the power to choose;

Rather than the conventional ‘situations’.

I for one have friends who became family;

Strangers who have become a vital part of my life;

I’ve also got relatives I’ve never seen and the ones I see, we don’t even talk;

So maybe there’s a distant relative somewhere, I get to choose my own family.

I implore you my dear;

Know your family.