Wishes and Mirage

I don’t believe in wishes, wishful thinking that is, because I know wishes are like mirages, they never real.

We watched Disney movies as kids and we were led to believe wishes come true as easily as it were in the cartoons, if only we knew real life was different – that wishes were like mirages.

Often, we have a wish in our hearts, nurture it, grow it, till it becomes a perfect image, and then life comes with a mirage just as perfect.

The ultimate deception, all logic is thrown out the window because the mirage matches the image of our perfect wish. You get burned and that’s an example of life’s awful trick.

When this happens to a person more than twice, they begin to realize that wishes are what they are at best, a cluster of mirages with a drop of the real deal.

Only one way I know to counter the ‘wish-mirage’ syndrome: and that’s to put in more than enough effort to make that wish come true, not like the Disney ‘wish it and it’ll come true’, no no.

Work for it and it might just come true, might because some wishes are just what they are, wishes, beautiful mirages.

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