Tell me that I’m not just someone or something

I had a rough childhood, a pretty rough one for the low class Nigerian. Growing up in that kinda situation was very tough, I had to fight the odds to breakthrough the very foundations of penury and dejection.

In my teens I found unprecedented favor in the people I walked and talked to, I became rebellious, hell I even led a rebellion…right after being a child of light, I saw the path before me – and walked another path either way.

Now, I live like a renegade, making decisions solely because I want to and I think it’s good for me. I’ve seen too much to live how someone else wants me to live, I mean, it’s me that’s gonna die when it’s my time to die.

So when I hear you say some things to me – I just smile and whisper to myself – I’m not just someone or something, can’t be me you’re talking to like that.

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