Often times people tell me they’re scared, to do one thing or another. It’s either that or they’re scared of something out there.

Fear is one formidable foe that if not kept at bay will ruin everything it comes across.

For a while now, I’ve had this underlying fear of dying untimely, and trust me when I say it takes over my being and I can’t think straight anymore, it just translates to a series of mental attacks and scenarios that always end in death. It’s a really terrible experience.

I finally opened up to people and I’ve found a way to allay that fear.

What am I saying in essence? Fear is real and it’s one major tool that blocks progress in life. Fear is crazy, it can make you paint after images of something that has not happened and not in a positive way.

Now overcoming your fear is gonna depend on what kind of fear it is. If it’s something fear of the future, you can double up on your work just to be sure you’re on the safe side. If it’s the fear of an untimely death like I had, find your peace. If it’s the fear to talk to a crush, follow Nike’s mantra, just do the damn thing.

Getting over a fear also takes time, but the process is sure worth it. A life without fear is a beautiful life.

Take that step against fear today, you won’t regret it. Whatever comes out of it is sure to make you a better person even if it doesn’t entirely go your way. You’d have you been glad it’s out of the way.

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