If death could die, rest assured I’d be one that kills him;

He took away my loved ones, made countless others cry;

The bearer of sad news and harvester of tears;

But damn, he’s a necessity;

He must come for everyone.

Usually I always say, I’m not afraid of death;

Not until I had a near death experience;

My life flashed before my eyes;

If I had died that day, what will I be remembered for?

Oh I hate death, I really do.

It all boils down to what we do while we’re alive;

The footprints we leave behind on this planet;

Our legacy.

So when ‘babayaga’ comes, we can greet him with a smile.

it’s important you live, before he comes;

He’s like rapture, no one knows when he’s gonna show up;

So he doesn’t take with him an already dead soul;

So please live.


I implore you my dear,

Live, before death comes.

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