It takes guts to be courageous.

You never have the need to be courageous if you’ve never been afraid;

It started when we were kids, and we’d watch horror movies with our backs at the corner of the wall, only the bravest of us dares sit in the middle of the room, because…fear;

It moved on to the first time I had to ask a girl out. Again courage because, fear;

Sometimes it’s even the thrill and sense of adventure tainted with some stupidity that makes things happen. Doesn’t make it less courageous.

When your heart wants something but you’re really scared, that’s when courage comes into play;

That moment is what courage counts for, that moment of fear;

The very moment when it seems like if it goes south, the ground will swallow you up;

That is the moment courage stands against fear;

courage always beats fear, if you let it.

You are gonna have to take that leap;

Talk that talk.

So you don’t regret anything later in life, I heard someone say: he asked a group of oldies in a hospital on their sick beds and asked them what they regret in life, and a good number of them said they didn’t regret things they did rather things they didn’t.

Basically you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Fear costs you everything, courage literally delivers you from fear;

But the on switch is in your hands.

Here’s a mantra I always say to myself whenever I’m scared to do something – 50 years from now when I’m looking back at my life, don’t I wanna be able to say I had the guts to do it? I got it from transformers 1.

I implore you my dear,

Take that leap.

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