Things we do for love

I’d always been loved;

not by everyone but at least by my mother;

Growth started and exposure helped out too;

It was finally that time to love;

The problem was I was only used to that kind of love – one sided;

I didn’t know what to do with a girl.

I met a girl;

and I loved her with how I was able to define love;

Then I realized that this love shit is much more stressful and complicated than it seemed;

I for one, was a proud and arrogant prick, barely giving regard for anything;

The love train started and reality started kicking in;

series of quarrels and disagreements that’s gonna stress you the hell out will be put on repeat.

We millennials have a culture of our own;

one of them is ‘don’t stress me’, yeah;

But be rest assured if you choose to love, you will be stressed tf out;

hence the question: who’s worth the stress?

It’s ironic, it’s like peace and war in the same room.

That’s when I realized y’all, people would do things for love;

Lie; sacrifice; cheat; cry; kill; leave school; elope; and a ton of other things.

I, however believe it’s a process, it shapes us to who we finally get to become over time.

But damn, Things we do for love.

what would you do for love?