Love – Respect

Love and respect are two very close terms, but they are extremely different from each other, this post is more for the everybody.
Here’s the interesting part; it’s very easy to fall in love with someone. Everybody can do that. The real deal is the RESPECT. Love and respect are too similar, so they can be mixed up but they are different, but they are related, but then they are really different.
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A survey conducted by a group of people wanting to know how much people valued respect from ‘lovers’ has shown that most people would rather choose to be alone and un-cared for than to be disrespected and get that feeling of inadequacy, most especially from ladies (no offense). mostly because of said RESPECT.
Do not get me wrong, The whole respect thingy goes vice versa in a relationship, but what guys count as respect might be different from what ladies call it. Reason is because there’s a distinct different wiring in the way the two genders work. Doesn’t mean we don’t all deserve respect.
Respect is the Key
Females are drawn more to love and affection and spooning and hugging and stuff guys don’t really like doing a lot. While guys are drawn more to the “be always loyal to me”, kind of feeling.
most guys have big kind of Egos, (I don’t wanna start an argument here, but it’s the truth, it’s natural, it’s one of the inbuilt functions in the male of any specie. The way guys feel loved is by being respected, but for the Ladies, it takes serious dedication to keep them.

Here’s a few simple ways to blend both

Compliments: this is one thing that sounds really funny and almost unbelievable, but yes, guys do need compliments sometimes. (You probably won’t ever see a guy ask for compliments, it’s gonna sound Petty-ish, right?). But ladies?, They need compliments to survive. (Somebody said, women need 3 things to survive “food, water, and compliments”.
Support each other: what does bae or boo do that you feel you should support him/her?, Always try to tag along, keep each other engaged, show the care for y’all’s businesses.
Pay a little bit more attention: drop your phone when you’re talking FR.
Gift each other.
Do respect each other’s opinions too, yeah most ladies are overly dramatic. we all know. But do respect opinions too.
There’s a lot of ways to love and respect whom it is you love and respect, you know your partner, you know what he or she needs and want. Besides, there’s no love without respect.
Volume please
Its stuff that goes hand in hand in every aspect of life. That’s part of life.

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