weedxperience 4 – once a stoner

I had a chat with an anonymous person, we talked about a lot of things, but what sparked my interest was his love and relationship with weed. Apparently, he’d started taking it to help with his insomnia. I’ll accumulate the chat into a mini story. Also, you’ll be seeing a number of weed memes. just for fun.


‘I’m a careful stoner’ –  was the first thing he said.
I started taking weed to cure my insomnia and I got excited about the recreational effects (that comes along with it) and then I got in full time.
Started with a blunt a day, then (I upped the dose too) one in the morning and one at night, Then I started smoking with my cousins at will.
And when I gained admission, I made friends of like mind.
And I started smoking in daylight
First time I smoked weed in daylight was after I resumed school before then it was a night ritual. And from then on…. 2/3 blunts per day, some other days rotation got real!
More guys… More blunts
We used to go to west end back in the day. Year one, Popo was busting there to often so we stopped and started smoking in the hostel and UBA park. Year 2… We were still UBA park gang and smoking publicly at events on campus as per the ‘werey’ boys.
Those faculty parties and stuff, then UBA park was closed down and we discovered the ‘AMPHI’ possibility.
‘Amphi’ was lovers den back in the days, not many fellowships… Say one or two, so we shared it, stoners to the left, lovers to the right.
And there were very few stoners. Some days were like 4/5 guys, at most say, 7/8 guys!


After two semesters,  ‘Amphi’ became blown!
From our personal spot, it became stoners lair in no time. Then we left it for the boys and started smoking off campus as boys have grown beyond hostel life.
Got an apartment, since ‘Amphi’ started becoming a potential target for the baba blues.
we still blowing trees in our apartments, just that we do tolerance breaks from time to time.
You know…once a stoner, always a stoner

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