Hey! you savvy??

Jack of all trades”.Thats how it’s said worldwide.  I’ve heard people complete this with three distinctive phrases, first is Master of one, second is Master of none, third is Master of all. You could comment on which other ones you’ve heard.

But I’m gonna go with the first one. why? because it makes more sense if you look at it really well and rationally (my perspective). I mean, that’s why colleges have courses to major on. That is the main reasons why people are specialists or experts in certain things, like you’re always going to hear people say we gotta call in an expert on that.


Knowing a little bit of this and a little bit of that, yeah that’s cool. Now tell me what do you really know. I mean the thing you gonna wake in the middle of a good sleep and still know really well…The thing you really savvy in. Or in pidgin English “The thing wey you Sabi wella”.

That thing, is the main thing. The master of that thing. It could be anything. As far as you an expert in that thing. As far as you good as fuck .

It’s very good, even better to be very good in one thing for sure but also, there’s no harm in trying other stuff though, I mean you could always lay your hands on something new, every now and then try something other than the norm.

Actually its healthy. But also you don’t wanna go too far from your circle so you don’t entirely miss your way without a guide.

PS. if your mind dirty like mine, start reading all over from the beginning. 

Like you could be a student of computer sciences as a whole but really major in mobile app development, now that’s not gonna stop you from laying your hands on other stuff like web development, software development, And also other programming languages that might come in handy, but then you won’t wanna get close to Artificial intelligence or the creation of computer operating systems. You get?. This is just an illustration, it works in every aspect of life.

It’s all about you and the way you work, just pick stuff that works well for you and it’ll come out all good. It’ll come out so good, that you could even be given names and all about the jack.

That’s why sometimes you see husband’s being the plumber/ electrician/ husband/ Carpenter/ etc…. Everything around the house, and only calls an expert around when the situation goes out of hand. and I’d sit at home if I was the husband while the “experts” do their jobs, if you know what I mean.


Here’s some hints on knowing your savvy

  • Is it something you like doing?
  • Is it something you find easy to do?
  • You passionate about it?
  • Is it something you could easily sacrifice sleep and food for?

If the answer to 3 outta 4 of these questions is yes, then you’re already on your way to knowing and being savvy in something you love.

2 unnecessary memes

Now here’s what I been trying to say since, whether it’s Tech savvy, Food savvy, money savvy, or savvy in the arts. And not to forget also savvy in the ministry of (); .

Anyway or anyhow it is, always make sure to know something very well, it identifies with you. You’re known for that thing.

Now that my dear reader, is something really good.

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