Weedxperience 3 – The house party

This episode started after the stressful exams in school,I had to just go for at least one party ‘cos there was quite a lot. Low key and high key all join. Party is sha party.

Picked a house party. Bought the ticket. And tried to sleep during the day so I could be awake through the night. (Not like I slept).

And it began. Like half the squad and I leaving school really late because our taxi service had already fucked  us up as per we actually tried to leave early but couldn’t. Last last we got to the venue.

Now here’s the thing. My plan was to always get high before getting to the venue. So its more fun. (At least I thought). And I had just the thing for that.

I Was already speaking in some foreign tongues in the bus beside one girl🤦🏾‍♂. She was just looking at me like…”who’s this?”.

Then we got there.

Immediately we dropped into the venue. I got lost in transmission. Twas a house party now…what to expect than a thick cloud of weed smoke.

At first I couldn’t see anything as per I was already on the bifrost (if you get me). But then it eventually became clearer.

Since the grand plan was to get fucked up. I was up and running and gone through step 1. That’s being high on the magical phenomenon tagged CHAKRA by The demon king himself.

What’s step 2? Step 2 was to take a trip to the most high and off I went.

1 hour later. I’d already danced with girls I didn’t know or I did, can’t say sha…gotten lap danced from people I’m not sure I’d seen before and was greeting everyone that came my way, and a bunch of other stuff. But it was so hazy as per I was already in phase 2.

As if my night couldn’t get better I ran into the demon king in the house. And phase 3 was already promising.

Because this guy wanted to run this girl that sells one mean punch, He bought 9 cups. 9!!! (And just 2 of that thing could send you across the globe to Egypt and from there to Antarctica, its gonna take time to come back home). You gotta try it dude.

Drank a few with him, tried to relay an important message at that point in time but The demon king was already goneeeee too far to be in the world of men…

I knew for sure I already pissed some guys off, was told I almost got beat by someone for doing what I have no idea of. But I was alright, nothing happened.

But sha to the final wave. The one that took me on a tour on how to properly analyze anything you see no matter what it is. On how to properly sit and discuss with yourself on the way its made and new possibilities.

Though it has a name I call it the “Take me there 4500Z”.

Here’s how it started, in my process of greeting and shaking anyone that came my way. I had to holla at one guy.

Bruh was with 2 wraps. Said he just got it but couldn’t find fire. Home training was gonna say keep moving, but I already hung it back in school as per it could be removed like a t-shirt. “Ordinary light?” I said to myself …I’m coming….I don’t quite remember how but those 2 sticks were brought to life. He gave me one.

And I boarded the plane that was gonna take me on a journey to self discovery and super analysis.

Finished it and POW. It hit about 20 minutes later.

Couldn’t dance again o…just sat somewhere and was analyzing a pole just outside the house. The way the wires were attached. And so much more you know. You know when a light pole becomes an instrument of analyzation that you’ve flying in another dimension entirely. It took some time.

And that was it. Home training flashed me from school, I knew that was it. I’ve met the most high and it was time to move back to earth.

I meant to take a break and before I knew it I was fast asleep. Woke up by myself…BY MYSELF at the end of the party… Guys were already leaving the place back to school.

And I think that’s when my brain came back to the realization that  I came with friends. Found my way back to school sha…Ate a boulder almost immediately I came back. Then took a rest.And back now to the living to document what I could of it.I prolly even didn’t write 1/10 of what happened but hey, this is what I remember.

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