WeedXperience 1 – who sent me?

Twas a lovely Sunday, but had to do some dirty work somewhere on an island. (I’m still high right now…but at least high enough to know what I’m doing whether it’s right or wrong.)

So we took a break  (the guy that was directly involved with me will be called “X”) before X had told a guy to help him get some dope). So during the break X was like “how far” Shey you go dey alright, and I voluntarily and in my sheer stupidity followed him. With no clue that I was going into the realm of holy smokes.

X processed the whole thing and lit it with the dealers lighter. He took about two puffs, I noticed how he inhaled the whole thing, little or no smoke was coming out of his mouth (I beheld the intake into his system)….

He passed it on to me, I took it and took two puffs, drowned it into my system. Felt awesomely good, but I still coughed though. Didn’t notice anything going wrong.


Before we left for the doping I already told X that I’d done it before and it was dope, made me super active and agile (thinking it’s gonna be the same regular thing, i.e to make me active for the stressful work we were doing).

The dealer guy did tell us that it wasn’t the normal kinda dope. But then X and I were already way too in the mood to start cross checking, I mean he was already a stoner and I’d done it before so it’s nothing new ….. Right????? Wrooonnnnnggggggg!

Then after like 4 more puffs of the extraordinary dope. We were gonna leave to resume work. The gate of the office to where we left to dope wasn’t up to 20 meters, like a 45 second walk from where we were.

And that’s all it took or less, for me to get transferred into the world of the most high. In less than 30 seconds. I’d gone from really exited (‘cos I felt like I’d arrived), to extremely prepared to meet my maker!. In 30 seconds.

At that very moment I didn’t remember, but as at few hours later, memories started coming back.

Now X is just a doper. Not an expert on the effects and all.

The first wave.

This lasted for about 2 hours, 2 hours of seeing the gates of heaven and hell right in front of me.

Immediately we got to the gate, I light-ed out (can’t call it a blackout ‘cos you gotta go out out for that to happen). So in this version, I was active, but gone.

X looked at me the moment we got to the gate and immediately I started crying. Yeah crying!. Why?, ‘cos I was gonna die, I felt it. I saw it. I said my prayers. (Least I know if I had died that moment I woulda gone to heaven, but I was high AF, think it counts?).

I was crying and praying, X was panicking like a baby, ‘cos if anything happens, it’s on his head without a doubt. (People saw us go to and fro the place we went to dope).

Didn’t know where he got the ginger, he started to improvise, gave me 4 cups of water, I drowned it all, and was still actively panicking, he took me to the back yard, took my clothes off, and straight down under the tap. While this was going on, though I had my issues, I could still clearly see the fear on his face, (like if something happens to me he’s solely responsible).

He went to dress up and off went, I was still in my underwear (all wet). We walked down to a super Mart. (On the way to the supermarket, my body was slow….. really really really slow, as in I take a step and I hear “beng”, twas that crazy. I could feel my hands slowly waving to the response of my brain, like my brain says do this, and I’m able to see how slowly my body responds to the prompt.)

When we got to the supermarket, we went straight to the fridge that was filled with drinks and stuff (though I clearly remember saying hi to the security guard at the door). Bought 2 plastics of Pepsi. Drowned the 2 almost immediately but it did nothing. Still felt this crazy heat from the inside like this heart is gonna beat and burst any moment from now. Yeah, it was that crazy.

We left the supermarket and he was still improvising, he said I should get something to eat. We went to one woman that sells food at the road side to get something to eat, she asked if it was to be sold in a plate or in a nylon, X said in a plate, in anticipation that I would eat it that moment, but before that could happen I had another light out.

The first one was suppressed when I stayed under the tap for about five minutes, where the cold water was pouring on my head.

The woman did sell the food was into a plate, but I was already far too gone in the “panic attack”, was already crying and praying again, X had to adapt to his improvisation, and just acted like everything was alright, (but I could still see his fears deep down), 3 sachets of water was already poured on my head at the moment. Couldn’t eat there again, people already suspecting and shii…so the food got transferred into a nylon and back to the company we went.

PS I was still light-ed out.

We got there and X didn’t see any difference, so we went to tell the third guy working with us, (I’ll call him “Y”). Y was already trying to suspect that something was going on with me, but he couldn’t seem to get his head around it. So X kept on improvising and told him I wasn’t feeling too well and as at that moment, my heart was seriously racing, like the beat per minute went out of the norm, I knew it for sure. (Any moment now, I’m gone, that was what my mind was hacked  to think, I think). So X and Y and I set off again on another journey, this time to the pharmacy, (at least that’s what we said). On the way we took a detour to another supermarket to get cold stuff, ‘cos I was already burning up again. (All these trekking was amidst the blabbing and praying on the road). We were almost at the supermarket when I spotted a very very spectacular Rolls Royce. (I don’t know how, ‘cos I was pretty sure my mind wasn’t mine at that moment, but I managed to see the Royce. Took good note of it (it’s still in my head, wine colored beauty, with an irregular number plate). Maybe cos I have a flair for cars, (super cars).).

Into the supermarket, two more shots of Pepsi. A little bit calm again, then to the pharmacy. But fortunately unfortunately the pharmacy was closed, (so there won’t have to be awkward explanations that I took “something”, wouldn’t call that weed, ‘cos I’m sure it was laced with something else). And all these while Mr Y was still thinking I just had a sudden raise in my blood pressure.

On the way back to the company, X Improvised again and brought up the Rolls-Royce I so took note of. He was bringing up discussions surrounding that topic and funny enough I was flowing with him.

When we got to the company, the first wave slowly faded away. As in, I was like “guys why we wasting time going up and down, let’s go work”.

X was just quietly thanking God I was back to my senses while Y was abruptly still in great confusion.

The second wave.

We were just working like nothing happened for 2 straight hours. But I was still not able to control the volume of my voice and the heartbeat rate was fluctuating.

At the very least we were able to finish work around 7pm (supposed to finish around 5 originally).

Then time to go home, still wasn’t in full control of my body, was able to eat one sausage roll though.

Got home with X’s company. Though all through the bus, my brain was 40% mine.

Got home safely, X was finally free.

Ate a boulder when I got home, momma was confused. At least I had the ultimate excuse of work. Took anaesthetics and slept after playing a few games.

The third wave.

Woke up feeling extraordinarily super active, was up and running almost immediately I woke up. First beat up that guy that was defeating me in the game from last night.

I could feel the activity in my brain, like the super slow from the previous day suddenly became super fast and active.

Still a Lil bit dizzy. But my brain thinking capacity gets to the max point If I think of anything, like I think of the best or worst it can ever get to.

Still a bit tardy as of right now though. Can’t seem to have a firm grip on anything and can’t seem to make any mistake.

I write to relax and so I documented my weedxperience.

PS: though I love this feeling the third wave is giving me, I ain’t ever ever ever taking any dope again… Or so I think, not sure, can’t say right now though.


Oh also I think X did overcome. If you get me!.


Disclaimer: This story was provided by an anonymous person.

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