The way I see it, hate is an energy form, a source of motivation to an extent;

For example: poverty;

My level of hatred for poverty is too high, I still feel it’s not high enough, LoL.


Now a lot of people take that kind of raw energy and channel it into irrelevant things;

Like hating other people.

Serious waste of energy because most of the time, the person you hate has no idea of they’re hated by a certain someone, and even when they do, it doesn’t affect them in any way;

You’d be there hating someone with passion and energy, meanwhile the ‘hatee’ is having their best life;

Hate is a strong emotion and I believe it should be used for much more better things than humans;

Imagine channeling some joules of hatred to failure, regret, bad energy and a bunch of those other negative vibes ;

You’d be having your best life.

It’s worth it;

No human is actually worth being hated by you, that’s too much stress for you and no one likes stress.

I implore you my dear,

Let go of hate.

4 thoughts on “Hate

  1. Very true. Too much hate in the negative sense has been linked to high blood pressure, headaches and stress like you said.
    Hate can be somewhat positive, if used in the needed direction. E.g I hate failure n that in a sense pushes my efforts to avoid it.
    Nice post man!💚💚

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